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"Deborah and I have had the pleasure of having Artisan Associates build two homes for us in Marsala.  The first was so beautiful that some friends purchased it, so we did another.  Both experiences have been superb!  The attention to detail, the quality of the workmanship and the creative touches are unsurpassed.  They came in ahead of schedule on both homes, which is unheard of!  It's so great to say we wouldn't hesitate to use them again!

David & Deborah Stoll, Marsala at Tiburon



"This is the sixth home that I have built and my experience with Artisan Associates has been truly outstanding!  I have worked mostly with David Sturdyvin, President of Artisan and his planning, execution and follow-up has been exceptional.  All of the Artisan staff are very professional.  They truly care about the customer and make certain everything is done to make you (and your significant other) happy.  We had a tight move in schedule because our previous home had sold and we needed to move in by a specific date.  We made it on time - OK so there were a few things still being finished, but Artisan bent over backwards to make it happen.  I recommend them highly and would certainly build with them again if the occasion arose.  We LOVE our new home!!!!"

Eric & Joanna Steenburgh, Marsala at Tiburon



"The experience working with Artisan was wonderful.  Their bid was not the least expensive but we liked them as people and knew we could work with them.  It was a great experience from beginning to end.  I was away for most of it.  They communicate wonderfully and are not shy about picking up the phone to offer advice and opinions.  Everyone who we dealt with through them was present, hard working and on time.  They had their own carpenters and other people and they were all great.  I always felt very comfortable around them and they were always polite.  We've moved to Tampa and I've already talked with Dave about doing our house here." 

Corinna Hettinger, Tiburon



"A developer has to have quality designs, build in nice neighborhoods, have very good sub-contractors and very good oversight management of the orchestration of the product and of the quality of the work done by the sub-contractors.  Dave Sturdyvin at Distinctive Communities™ has all of that and almost all of it resonates from him personally.  The custom building business can be a quagmire.  People have extremely high expectations.  The clientele is sometimes engaged, sometimes they're not.  Sometimes their expectations are unrealistic.  It's a science and an art.  Dave would be the first to tell you that he's not perfect.  At his very foundation, he's a pretty special guy in the building business and Distinctive is a pretty special developer."

Bob Grennes, Caprini at Miromar Lakes HOA



"Dave Sturdyvin and Ken Wells at Artisan Associates are both very good at seeing problems and thinking things through before they do it.  Any issues that might come up are well thought out before they happen.  It takes that teamwork to work through any problems and to take care of them.  They're quite good at that and have worked in the industry for a long time and know what they're doing.  They are a pretty confident team to work with.  The three of us figure things out as they go so it doesn't take a lot of work from the client to get everything done.  They basically figure it out for the client."

Susan Mueller, Interior Designer



"I bought a home in Grand Isle in 1996 that Dave Sturdyvin and Ken Wells at Artisan Associates built for me.  In 2006, I had him build another home for me in Terrabella.  My experience the first time was very good and that's why I chose him the second time.  I've built a lot of homes over the years and have not gone back to the same builder except when I went back to Dave and Ken.  That speaks volumes about what I liked about them and Artisan Associates.  I think they were very, very responsive and always looked to please.  The quick response was great.  They had a real desire to make sure we got the product we wanted.  They were very engaged throughout the process.  We bounced ideas off them, they got back to me with what they thought were the best ways to handle those issues and we made a decision together as to what made the most sense from a standpoint of what we wanted and also from an economic standpoint."

Eugene Star, Repeat Customer



"Dave Sturdyvin really cares about his product.  He wants people to have what they want.  He's very good about saying if this is what you're looking for, it will cost this versus this.  You make the choice.  It's your decision.  I always felt I had the right kind of information to make the decision.  There were no big surprises or cost over runs.  They charged us what they quoted.  Ken Wells is Artisan Associates' experienced on-site person.  The team of Dave and Ken is great -  Dave does the business end, Ken does the execution."

Kim Park, Miromar Lakes



"My wife is the one who had the most interaction with Dave Sturdyvin, Distinctive Communities and Artisan Associates regarding what went into our house.  They were going to get right on it and they did.  Anybody who has ever built a house or had to negotiate with the builder and developer knows it can be a painful experience.   The only words that I can use to describe what it was like to work with Dave and Ken Wells at Artisan Associates is it was a pleasure."

Ed Walsh, Terrabella at Pelican Marsh POA